Sunday, August 11, 2013

Long time, No Blog - Happy Sunday!!

Hi Everyone! Sorry for so much time passing since my last post...a combo of things going on with me. I have been sick and fighting depression which is not entirely surprising. It hit me all of a sudden that I'm not going to see my Mom tomorrow, next week... or ever again. One morning, I was half awake and I said to myself "I'll ask Mom's advice on that" ... yup, the pain of loss can hit hard. My Aunt, Linda (The Milk Witchstopped by this past week and it was so wonderful to talk with her. One of the things she suggested that I do is to burn some sweet grass and talk to Mom-mom whenever I want to talk to her. I got some sweet grass from my Dad yesterday and I know that will help - leave it to Linda to help me find her!

We traveled last weekend to Kouchibouguac Park to swim in the ocean and stayed overnight with my Aunt Gert and her partner, Marlene in Indian Island, N.B. My Aunt was with her Mom, Laura so Marlene was our host. What a wonderful, interesting person she is - so generous and down-to-earth...I could go on and on about her, she's truly the best. Her and I stayed up late cooking and eating lobster, talking away...the next morning she made the biggest breakfast ever and then we were on our way. Back to the beach, where we were really popular for some reason, talked to people, the boys made friends, we all swam and then suddenly the dark clouds came  - with hail!! That's when you realize how long the boardwalk is - when hail is hitting you like crazy!! People certainly are kind: a stranger used his beach umbrella to shield the boys and Kiew-nik all the way (no room for me but that's okay because Kiew-nik had to carry Ethan who is very heavy!) . A huge thank you to that kind man!! 

We drove home and the next day went to Uncle Barry's Birthday Party - it was so fun to see family and friends. Bonus: got to see Marcie Francis and her partner, Paul. Marcie is from Elsipogtog First Nation and I don't get to see her that often. We used to see each other more in Ottawa, Ontario (oh those Ottawa days!) where we both lived for a few years.

I have done a few YouTube videos because I'm still card making (even though I haven't been blogging lately):
Uncle Barry's Birthday Card & Envelope
The video explaining the card:

A thank you card I made for Marlene and Auntie Gert:
Aunt Gert & Marlene's Thank You Card
This is the corresponding video:

This weekend has been another good one: Tony's Graduation Party was yesterday. We are all so proud of Tony - top marks in all subjects - now that's a huge accomplishment!! Again, friends and family aplenty, good food, good conversation ... I think of Mom and she would be so happy that we are all sticking together and celebrating life - I love you Mom and we wouldn't be who we are without you!!!

Final note: made a card for Tony's Mom, Chatawna who celebrated her birthday on August 7th:
Chatawna's Cherry Tree Birthday Card
This is the video to go with it:

I thank all of you for reading my blog and for watching my videos. I have had some good responses and helpful suggestions so keep sending the comments and e-mails:
YouTube Channel: Sheena Joy
E-mail: Sheena Joy

Peace To All!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

YouTube Tuesday - July 30th, 2013

Happy Tuesday to all!!! It has been one week since my last post ... been keeping busy because if I don't, I think about my sadness and I get weepy and heavy inside. I know that I am grieving (we all are mourning Mommom) but I don't want to overindulge my sadness either so I keep busy and I can't seem to stop watching card videos, making cards, planning future cards and recently....YouTube.

This whole You Tube venture is inspired by our trip to Fredericton this past was amazing because we got to spend so much time with family: my niece (and godchild) Shayla, her husband Jason, their daughter, Gema and my nieces extraordinaire, Summer & Hailey and their baby brother Axl (omg, what a sweetie!). We swam a lot and I did a bit of shopping: at MICHAEL's - my most FAVORITE store in the world!!!! I took my time picking out what I would buy ... some decisions were hard ones and at the same time I was mentally forming a wish list for my next visit (LOL!!).

So this is where YouTube comes in. I wanted to share with all of you my new card making supplies and I thought the best way would be through a video. Our camera is not working right now so I used our cell phone to record myself but it wouldn't allow me to send it through gmail, one of the options was to post it on YouTube and 2 videos later, here I am.

I have a lot to show you (pics and videos) so bear with me, my lovelies:

Check out these supplies!

Next is a photo and a video showing a card I made today (so proud of this card - I love it!):

Natural Tones Thank You Card - Using White Embossing Powder

This video was my first attempt to explain a card - Super Fun!

Also, when we returned on Sunday, we went to Crissy and Neil Perley's House (my cousin and his wonderful wife) to swim - I had a chance to give Crissy her card ( I made it last week for her birthday):

Crissy's Birthday Banner Card

Thanks for visitng my blog and taking a peek at the pics and videos. Keep in mind that once our camera is fixed, the quality will improve (I promise) I really appreciate any comments and also you can always go to my YouTube channel:

Peace in Your Hearts and Love to ALL!

P.S. A big thank you to Shayla and Jason who went out of their way to make us feel special (best BBQ ever!) and big hugs to my Sister, Shari,who I was able to see briefly!) My family is the best and Laurie, you better be visiting my blog, Sis (LOL!) Plus, missing Tony like crazy!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rainy Tuesday - Filling In the Gaps

I find that since Mom died (still hard to even write that let alone say it) there are these gaps that I am trying to fill in... spaces in my heart that miss her. I know on one level that she will always be with me yet I want to hug her and to talk to her in person, I want to see her facial expressions and hear her responses... I want to smell her beautiful scent that permeated everything she wore (even her purses had that good smell!).

I know that all of us in the family are all coping and thankfully reaching out to each other which is so very good. I love all my sisters, my nieces and nephews... we all carry a part of her.

It was a gray, mostly rainy day - the boys and I spent it quietly. I still have that lingering cold so I tried to rest when I could. I have been texting lately which I haven't done since Isaac was a baby...a good way to keep in touch and feel connected.

On that note, my sister Laurie texted me last night to say that we were going to have a full moon ceremony for Mom at the was beautiful and quietly powerful. Afterwards, Laurie and I offered some of our hair (with tobacco) to the fire in honor of our Mother. After the other women (and Dain) left the beach, Laurie, Tony and I reminisced in the car...

Yesterday I made a card which didn't turn out as planned but I still like it. Forgive the quality ( I took it with my cell phone). This is made from a paper collection that I bought - it reminded me of Mom plus it has one of the flower brads that I bought for her card (posted a pic yesterday). Used some EK Success paper punches too:

Purple Hello Card

Love and peace to all!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Legacy of Love - A New Journey for Mom

My Mom, Marilyn Katherine Nicholas, mother of 8 children, passed away last Monday, July 15th, 2013. I mentioned in previous posts that she was receiving medical treatment. Mom had stage 3 lung cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes. She was undergoing radiation treatments. Despite this fact, I was shocked that she died and truthfully, I am still in a state of shock.

On Monday morning, I spoke to my Dad and my sister, Laurie who were with her in St. John, N.B. They told me that she had a hard night and that she was having trouble breathing and was going to have tests to see why. In the afternoon, I called Laurie again who said that they did the tests and the Dr. still didn't know why (turns out it was her heart). Shortly after, Laurie called back crying to say the doctor had said that if family were going to come that they should come now. We packed up, got the boys ready to go and Laurie called back sobbing and said "she didn't make it, Sheen" ....

I wonder, how do you live life without your Mom? As I cry my tears, the sadness feels so heavy. I think a part of me still expects to see her.

Things Mom taught me: to love family, to take care of each other, forgive each other and not to hold a grudge. To take care of yourself: "you don't have anything if you don't have your health". To tell the truth ("it's true though"). To let things go: anger and resentment only hurt you. To ask for help if you need it but not ask too much (don't "put" anyone out). To recognize that children have a unique status in life - they are special and should be treated that way (she said that there's no such thing as "spoiling" a child and if a child misbehaved the parent was to blame, not the child). She always said that the mind was the strongest muscle we have (for e.g. she'd say "I don't believe in headaches").

The past 7 days have been a blur but I deliberately payed attention during her funeral. She would have liked the words said during it, she would have liked the songs, the length too (she didn't like funerals that "dragged on"). The thing is, she was with us during it and she still is.

So many things I would have done differently when I look back....god, the regrets can kill me. Yet, I know in my heart that she loved me, we confided in each other and we always wanted the best for each other. One time Kiew-nik told me that no one would ever care about us like Mommom (that's what we called her) and he is right: Mom loved her family, we were her world, she loved so fiercely and she was "true blue" to us and to her husband, Andrew Nicholas Jr. (Dad).

She was the best and I ask to be half the woman she was. Beautiful. Graceful. Elegant. Stylish. Loyal. Determined. Loving. Funny. Good-hearted. She never faked who she was. She never had to be more than who she was. She was there for me, for all of us, our whole lives.

Wol-i-won Mom ... you loved us all, you loved us well - the only way you knew how to love was with your whole heart.

Marilyn Katherine Nicholas
January 18, 1936 - July 15, 2013

Mom looking at me (Holding Ethan at his Baby Shower)

A Card I Made For My Mom (Made Yesterday)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday @ Maggie's Falls - July 14, 2013

Hello everyone!!  What a good weekend it was - so full! Yesterday we headed to Salmon River in the morning to go swimming (after having Kiew-nik's famous omelette, which is yummy btw!). We were having so much fun: swimming, laying in the sun and snacking and then .... the leech!!! It was on Isaac's hand and wanted to stay there - Kiew-nik had a hard time taking it off...well, that was the end of our day at the river...super sad for all of us but we did have fun while we were there so not a complete loss. We came home to play in their little pool and run through the sprinklers...nap time for me and the babe (Ethan).

Today the baby got up so early but I went back to bed at 5:30 so him and his Dad could have some time and enjoy their morning together (lol - not sure if Kiew-nik saw it that way!!). So happy that Richard (Kiew-nik's uncle) came to mow the lawn. After breakfast, we headed to Maggie's Falls which is a local treasure that I didn't even know about growing up. It's just outside of Arthurette, N.B. We walked to the falls after parking (takes around 20 minutes) and once you get there, you have to go down a steep slope to get to the base of the Falls. Isaac and I fell and went sliding down the slope a bit - a little scary but we were okay. Once we got to the bottom, we went right in the water and pretty much stayed in the water the whole time. OMG, the horse flies were phenomenally bad on the way back (made us walk faster!). Of course, the babe and I went for a nap after while Kiew and Isaac did their thing. Woke to supper made (yesterday too - god, I love my man!). Made a card after we ate while the guys went to the park, then relax time and bed for the boys.

I have got to send a big THANK YOU to Tatawnyha Nicholas (my cousin and my good friend) who treated me on Friday at Governor's in Presque Isle, Maine - we went shopping and took a supper break. She really spoiled me  and I sooo appreciate it. We had a fantastic meal and I love her company!!

Here's a pic of my card - used some new washi tape and stickers I have (photo by Kiew-nik):

Little Birdie Hello Card

This is a pic of Maggie's Falls that Kiew'nik took:

Maggie's Falls - July 14th, 2013
Thinking of My Mom so much today - sending her LOVE and prayers - Please Creator, let her treatment be successful!!! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Already Friday! July 12, 2013

Hi everybody! Wow, haven't posted since Tuesday and I really did miss's been busy. Not stressful but filled-to-the-rim kind of busy. We have had appointments, lots of playing outside, and some late nights (for me anyway, I know that "late" is subjective to each person). One night I sat out at Uncle Barry's porch with him, Tatawnyha and a nice couple: Jeanette and Gene. We talked about so many things and it was so good to hear old stories about Tobique, hearing family and community history - I love that stuff! I actually worked on Tobique genealogy for awhile at one point - so interesting. We saw an eagle soaring overhead which is significant for Native people ... beautiful!

I got a pedi this morning and it looks so cute - a nice pink - yayyy, now I have pretty toes!

Made two cards yesterday, one for my Mom and Dad but only one worked out. I used a technique called triple time stamping and it always turns out so nice.  It's for my Dad's birthday which was last month but was too sick at the time to make cards, but better late than never. Here it is (photo by Kiew-nik):

Dad's Birthday Card

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tuesday Greetings - July 9, 2013

Hello everyone! It was a good day overall: slow morning with the boys, lunch with their Dad and we spent most of the afternoon outside. They played in their pool and ran around the yard while I cleaned the van, car seats and stroller. I realized that we need a new stroller - probably will get a newer version of the one we have because it's so good on trails. We like to take a lot of walks/hikes and the trails can get pretty rough so we use Jeep strollers ( I saw one here in the community one time and loved it!)...maybe next week we can budget it in....anyway, after we came back in, Ethan became fussy and overall was not a happy boy. Spent the rest of the afternoon soothing him and he finally settled for a nap. I watched one of my favorite shows after: Million Dollar Decorators - I really love that show! The designers have such unique, quirky characters and they really are talented. Martyn is my favorite.

Lately I've been into patchouli, and actually I have always been but I have been using it more lately. I strongly believe that you are drawn to what you need so I looked up the healing properties of it and found that it helps with many things: skin ailments (acne), the common cold; spiritually and emotionally it is grounding and calming. Several sources say to get oil that is a deep brown and it is an oil that gets better as it ages (so mine must be good - lol!). Plus the smell is so rich - I simply love it!

I made a card today that is quite colorful - I used a lot of different stamps plus some new washi tape that I have been dying to use. Kiew-nik took a pic and what's really cute is that you can see Ethan's little ride-on car on the left (my baby is part of everything I do!).

I hope you all like the card - leave comments to let me know:

A Friendship Card

Monday, July 08, 2013

Mostly About Ethan - July 8, 2013

Happy Monday, Everyone! Apologies for not posting yesterday - it was super busy: swimming at Salmon River, cleaning the house plus I made my famous curry chicken...Tony came up for supper and after, we made cookies for Mom and Dad (Isaac and Ethan helped, complete with Isaac liberally covering himself with flour - much to Tony's amusement!). Ended up going to town with Tony and her friends (Kohowye and Kanisha) for a Ben and Jerry's run ... it was a fuller day than I thought it would be but so fun and productive - gotta love those days!!

Today I felt tired and a bit sicker probably because I overdid it a little yesterday. Isaac, Ethan and I had a slow morning .... my energy picked up around 10:30 a.m. and then I kept busy all day. Ethan ruled the day because either he is teething or it's that cold still hanging on (or both) but, man, was he ever super fussy! I breastfed him many times today and he still was fussy...poor baby! I have to remember to put his amber stone in his pillowcase for the pain.

After supper, Kiew-nik took the boys outside and I made a card. My cards have been really inspired by Mama Nature lately...lots of natural colours. I used stamps that I haven't used much yet ... I'm happy with it - if anyone has any feedback, please leave a comment. Peace and love to all!!

Here is the card I made today (photo compliments of Kiew-nik):

Hummingbird Thanks Card

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Saturday Surprise - July 6, 2013

Hello to all!!
It was a good day: I am finally starting to feel better - we saw our favorite Nurse Practitioner in the whole world, Cindy McCarthy, who let me know that I was still sick - which I knew but it's somehow good to hear it be "official" (I had no hesitation to nap this afternoon!)... another course of antibiotics for me and 2 puffers to help me breathe easier (bronchitis) ... and I already feel a tiny bit better today so yayyyy!!!! Makes me very happy!

Also, got a call today from Tony (my niece and plus we're good friends) who said "well, today's the day" - her cat, Shpumkins was in labor so I went down to be with them...she had 6 beautiful kittens - it was so emotional and it was humbling to see those little kittens being born...I mean, that's life in it's essence right there.... I'm grateful that I was there.

Came home to see the boys playing in their little pool so I joined them, we all came in later and danced to some iTunes and munched out on some roasted edamame (a big hit with all of us), we watched How to Train A Dragon for awhile then bed for the boys.

Talked to my Dad earlier who said they are home and Mom is doing well - another big yayyy!!! They go back on Monday. Prayers and good energy sent for my Mom, Marilyn Nicholas, please.

I made a card today and I like how it turned out. I used the new brads that I mentioned yesterday. Kiew-nik (my Love) took a pic:

Friday, July 05, 2013

A Day of Appointments! July 5, 2013

Happy Friday to all! Sorry to say but I did not make any cards yesterday afterall - my day worked out differently than I thought it would but change is good. Kiew-nik came home early from work so my niece Tony and I went grocery shopping in Presque Isle, Maine. I thought it would be packed because it was July 4th but it was just the opposite - it was super quiet there! Everybody spending time with their families, I'm guessing. Tony is so amazing - she added up my groceries as we went along with her iPhone and it made all the difference in the world!! We ate a quick, small supper at Taco Bell and hit Walmart ... I always have fun with Tony.

I did get some cute brads (metal embellishments) so that was an unexpected treat PLUS the latest edition of Paper Crafting magazine (I'm picturing a cup of tea while browsing it) for some Momma time.

Well, I am off to get ready for the day - the boys and I have appointments galore today - it's good to take care of our health! Love and peace to all!!

Prayers and positive energy to my Mom and Dad - love them with my whole heart!!!!

Thursday, July 04, 2013

A Sunny Thursday - July 4, 2013

Good Morning to All!
I spent the morning giving the boys breakfast, baths, etc. and I also did some organizing of my card making supplies. Going to do some nature inspired cards today - should be fun! I did make my Mom a card yesterday ... I took it to her last night (I hope she likes it!).  I saw my niece, Ryla, at my parents' house and also my sister, Darla. It was a late night for me - visited until past 11 p.m.  My Mom and Dad are travelling today so my Mom can look after her health condition - my prayers are with them! 

Kiew-nik took a pic of the card I made:

Thinking Of My Mom Card

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Happy Wednesday! July 3, 2013

Hi, I have been tampering a bit with the look of my blog. Isaac, Ethan and I went grocery shopping this morning and enjoyed some outdoor time before lunch. No card making yet today although I think I will make one for my Mom this afternoon. When I think of my Mom, the colours/themes that come to mind are: floral, fresh green and elegant with a little sparkle thrown in to give it whimsy. It is very fitting that I just got a new floral lace paper punch from Martha Stewart, who makes excellent paper crafting products! Alright, first some Facebook, household and then the card...I'll post later or tomorrow. Enjoy your day everyone!! Plus, I'll get Kiew-nik to photograph my Mom's card so I can post it...

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Greetings To All - July 2, 2013

Hi, My name is Sheena Joy Nicholas and this is my first post - super excited!! My Aunt Linda Nicholas (Milk Witch) just introduced me to creating my own blog. I am a Mother of two boys, Isaac and Ethan Neptune. My loving partner is Kiew-nik Neptune. I make handmade cards, my studio is at my home (Joy's Studio). I will be selling my cards at the local Farmer's Market in Perth-Andover, N.B. I am from the Maliseet Tribe living in Tobique, New Brunswick, Canada. Eventually I will sell them from this site but for now building up to that point. A big welcome to my blog!!